Fruit That Will Last
Tim Hawkins

Leaders Who Will Last
Tim Hawkins

Growing Young Disciples Series
Tim Hawkins

Disciples that Will Last
Tim Hawkins

Strategy for Youth Leaders: For the 21st Century
Ross Farley

Starting Right: Thinking Theologically About Youth Ministry
Dean, Clark, Rahn

Four Views of Youth Ministry
Senter, Black, Clark and Nel

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry
Doug Fields

Your First Two Years In Youth Ministry
Doug Fields

What Matters Most
Doug Fields

Speaking to Teenagers
Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins

Perspectives On Children & The Gospel
Ron Buckland

Families Finding Faith
John Hattam

Children Finding Faith
Francis Bridger

Postmodern Children’s Ministry
Ivy Beckwith

Do They Run When They See You Coming
Jonathan McKee

Getting Students to Show Up
Jonathan McKee

The Godbearing Life
Dean and Foster

The Youth Workers Encyclopedia of Bible Teaching Ideas

The Ideas Library CD-ROM

Creative Bible Lessons CD-ROM

Contemplative Youth Ministry
Mark Yaconelli

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Youth Ministry

Diocesan Children's and Youth Booklet 2016

Bubble Strategy

Parish Planning booklet

DCYM & CYM Strategy


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Baptism and Confirmation Course

Baptism and Confirmation Course by Kristina Kettleton

Youth Ministry Booklet (booklet form) by Jono Thomas

Youth Ministry Booklet (paper form) by Jono Thomas

Leadership talk by Jono Thomas

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