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  • The ADCIS Directory provides access to detailed information on a broad range of community, government and health services throughout the state of Tasmania in Australia.
  • The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity works 'to equip Christians to engage biblically and relevantly with the issues they face, including Work, Capitalism, Youth Culture, Media and Communication - helping you to make a difference, where you are.'
  • Generation - for young Canadian Anglicans
  • An interesting and challenging website from Caritas Australia: OzSpirit
  • Salt Shakers is dedicated to helping Christians understand the times and equipping them to be salt and light in the community by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting today’s society.
  • Join a mailing list to find out what’s coming up on spirituality and ethics programs on ABC radio and TV.
  • The National Church Life Survey’s Church Search website lets people find out about all the churches in their area. This is the best way to find a church in Australia.
  • Little Brothers of Francis - a Franciscan reigious order in the Anglican Church in the contemplative tradition
  • evangelical alliance - a catalyst for Christian unity, cooperation & mission (Australian site)
  • CathNews - a service of church resources - very good for social concern issues
  • Cancelling third world debt: Jubilee Australia began in late 1996 as Jubilee 2000 led by Tear Australia, who invited Christian/Church overseas development agencies, churches, aid agencies and community groups to come together in response to the international call for Jubilee debt cancellation. Many organisations and individuals have since joined in supporting the campaign (see a full list of Australian Endorsing Bodies), and are dedicated to working for a world free of debt for billions of people.
  • Christian Jobs Australia brings together those seeking work and those seeking employees by utilising both the world wide web and the national network of Christian Churches from all denominations throughout Australia.
  • The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship is a body of people within the Anglican Communion who reject war as a means of solving international disputes, and believe that peace and justice should be sought through non-violent means.
  • Christian Herald is a weekly, interdenominational newspaper based at the Christian Media Centre Ltd in Sussex, UK. It serves the evangelical Christian community in the UK. It also has an excellent website.
  • Law Ministries Ron Law is a speaker, preacher and evangelist with a music ministry. He specialises in gospel presentations sponsored by local churches.
  • Was Jesus God’s Economist? Jesus made economic spirituality in everyday life the ultimate test of faithfulness to God.
  • The Meatrix. No, not another sequel - this is online animated satire with an environmental/animal rights agenda.
  • Spirited is about exploring spirited opportunities to discover what it means to be a community of Jesus Christ and creatively engage with the world we are in.
  • A Voice For The Voiceless. Christian Solidarity Worldwide is a human rights charity working on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs.
  • Christianity Today: News You Can't Get Anywhere Else! Christianity Today provides trustworthy news, in-depth interviews with respected Christian leaders, intriguing articles on current events, and thought-provoking columns you can't find anywhere else. Executive editor J.I. Packer
  • Where is Raed? This anonymous young blogger, known only as Salam Pax, became famous during the Iraq war. The 29-year-old Iraqi engineer’s dispatches before, during and after became a sensation, providing insight on the ground in Baghdad from the perspective of an ordinary Iraqi. His diary, named after his initial desperate quest to track down a missing friend (since found), is still riveting reading.
  • Resource Christian Music - Excellence in praise and worship for 20 years

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada - Persecution and prayer alert

Launch of the Inaugural Issue of the Australian Ejournal of Theology (AEJT)

The Australian Ejournal of Theology (AEJT) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary Ejournal sponsored by the Sub-Faculty of Philosophy and Theology within Australian Catholic University.

It focuses on scholarly exchange within the Australian theological community. Its aim is to be both ecumenical and interdisciplinary. Scholarly contributions are welcomed from all relevant disciplines including the humanities, philosophy, arts, sciences, ethical and legal studies, sociology and history.

Some other great stuff we've recently come across:

Recently we've come across some 'different' websites:

  • The Leviathan says it is 'putting the "fun" back into fundamentalism' and has lots of helpful guides. Did you know that by mid-July the chorus Shine Jesus Shine had been sung 16936 times?
  • The wibsite. In their own words: 'Laughing may just be the greatest spiritual resource available to us, occupying as it does the wetlands between despair and insanity. In our laughing we give voice to the entire tragedy and joy of human survival in the warzone of life. Perhaps it is laughter which is the image of God within us.'
  • Larknews is somewhat like a Christian version of The Onion. A recent article asks 'Was St Paul a midget?' See

Seriously good sites we have recently browsed:

Links to other religious websites

Links to some other religious websites. The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania does not necessarily endorse sites that are linked from this page.

Anglican sites of general interest

  • Anglicans Online is stuffed full of information and links to just about everything Anglican - belief, news, youth and thousands of links to Anglican churches around the world.
  • The official website of the Anglican Communion provides resources and links to information about the work, witness and worship of the Anglican/Episcopal family of churches in over 160 countries around the globe. The site includes documents, directories, information and resources, excerpts from the official magazine, Anglican World, as well as regular reports and features from the Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS).
  • The official website of The Anglican Church in Australia provides information, links and contacts for dioceses and parishes throughout the country.
  • The Anglican Domain site is an unofficial but well-used service which offers links to most Anglican dioceses and churches. The Church words glossary is very useful to people who are new to the Anglican church.

Websites we have visited of Anglican parishes in other dioceses in Australia

News services

Recently recommended sites

Children’s ministry

For clergy

  • John Mark Ministries - Assisting churches, pastors, leaders and their spouses - possibly the largest and most visited religious site in Australia - lots of resources

Other mostly very cool stuff...

More about Christianity on the web

  • Another good way to start exploring the humongous amount of Christian material on the web is with the page of Christianity links on Yahoo.


  • from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. The very popular Left Behind Series has helped people to find faith in Christ so as not to be 'left behind'

Tasmanian churches (buildings and history)

Australian churches

  • Here’s probably the most comprehensive list of Australian churches you can find. This list is kept up to date by Tasmanian Kevin Keep.

Christian lobbyist website

Independent Australian Catholic lobbyist, the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin), runs this website.

Here’s a really excellent page of links...

Rowland Croucher’s page of over 1000 links to the best Christian and reference resources.