Preaching page

This resource is provided for the help and encouragement of those who are entrusted with the important task of preaching and teaching the Bible. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced preacher, preaching in church or at weddings and funerals, we believe you will find this resource helpful; it will also be useful for Bible study group leaders. We recommend that you drop in from time to time to check for updates and new modules.

These modules have been written by Revd David Rogers-Smith

1. Biblical Teaching and Preaching

2. Ensuring Our Preaching is Christian

3. Planning a preaching series: Preaching through the lectionary or through the bible?

4. Books for biblical preachers

5. Online preaching and sermon resources, Bible search and Tasmanian forums

6. Online studying and certificates in preaching and theology and ministry

7. Funeral Messages

8. Preaching in a suffering world

9. Illustrate or perish

9a. A template for sermon preparation by Paul Barnett

10. Preaching with purpose

11. Preaching in a postmodern environment

12. SO WHAT? Applying the Bible

13. Some preaching practicalities

14. A sermon evaluation tool

15. Helping 'learner drivers' in our preaching and teaching

16. Preparing a 'text message'

17. Preaching from Old Testament narrative

18. Thematic and topical preaching

19. E100 Preaching series - 20 week outline and notes

20. Preaching Lessons from the Coffee Bean

21. Reading and Preaching New Testament letters

22. Preaching that engages

23. Preaching at weddings

24. Preaching the Psalms

25. We are not downloading but communicating