People directory

Assistant Bishop (Vicar General)

Rt Revd Dr Chris Jones

Assistant Bishop (Mission)

Rt Revd Ross Nicholson

Director of Business Services

Mr Robert Wallace

Director of Ministry Services

Mr Paul Cavanough

Diocesan Office Staff

Office Manager

Mrs Lesley Metcalfe

Executive Assistant to The Registrar

Mrs Lesley Metcalfe

Executive Assistant to The Bishop

Mrs Carolyn McGinn

Executive Assistant to the Director of Ministry Services

Mrs Carolyn McGinn

Diocesan Accountant

Mr Ray Phillips

Director of Professional Standards

Ms Annette Sims

Safe Ministry Coordinator

Mrs Jennifer Cavanough

Vicar General

Rt Revd Dr Chris Jones

Deputy Vicar General

Very Revd Richard Humphrey

Dean of Hobart

Very Revd Richard Humphrey

Bishop's Chaplain

Revd Canon Charles Fehre


Mrs Audrey Mills

Church Advocate

Mr Craig Doherty

Diocesan Treasurer

Mr Robert Wallace

Diocesan Auditors

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Chartered Accountants


Dobson, Mitchell and Allport

Media Officer

Revd Stephen Carnaby

Tasmanian Anglican Production Editor

Mrs Sheelagh Wegman

Active clergy

Clergy with Authority to Officiate or Fully Retired

Keeping in touch