Grants and sources of funding

Anglican Health & Welfare (AHW)

The relevant Objects or Aims from AHW’s Articles of Association are:

  • To provide relief to distressed persons
  • To provide a mission to the sick and terminally sick
  • To assist in the relief of the problems of mental illness

Small grants scheme

AHW offers small grants of up to $1000 to parishes and other Anglican entities for projects which accord with AHW’s Objects. As the name implies, projects need to be in the areas of health, including mental health, or welfare, particularly in providing relief to people in distressed circumstances. The funds available are limited, so priority will be given to projects which complement AHW’s Objects most closely. Grants may be applied for at any time. Complete the application form available here and email it to the Executive Officer at

Tax deductible funds

AHW invites submissions from Anglican parishes and agencies wishing to attract tax-deductible gifts to fund projects which complement AHW’s Objects, in the areas of health or welfare. Unlike parishes or the Diocese, AHW has Tax-Deductible Gift Recipient status. If your project is approved, AHW will set up a fund to receive gifts from tax-paying individuals or businesses, issue receipts for tax-deductibility and channel all funds to your project. There is no charge for this service. Complete the application form available here and email it to the Executive Officer at

External grants

Some external bodies can offer grants only to entities like AHW which have Tax-Deductible Gift Recipient status. If the grant for which you are applying requires a sponsor or conduit for funds, AHW may be able to assist, provided your project also aligns with AHW’s Objects. You are encouraged to contact AHW’s Executive Officer before applying for a grant. Even if your project is not a good fit with AHW’s Objects, we may be able to advise on other ways of channelling the funds. When AHW agrees to sponsor your application, complete the application form available here and email it to the Executive Officer at, accompanied by a copy of the application to the external body from whom you are seeking a grant.

Colin Bisdee Trust

Each year AHW receives a distribution from the Colin Bisdee Trust, intended for persons who require financial help due to unfortunate circumstances. Around June, AHW will invite parishes to apply for a share of these funds. During the year, grants of up to a few hundred dollars may be available for assisting necessitous persons. Complete the application form available here and email it to the Executive Officer at

Tasmanian Disaster Fund

Following the disastrous bush fires in early 2013, AHW established a permanent Anglican Tasmanian Disaster Fund, to enable the Diocese to respond promptly to future catastrophic events. In the aftermath of the fires, it took some days to set up a mechanism to receive the generous donations which came in for relief and recovery efforts. Now the Fund is ready to go at a moment’s notice in response to any future disaster event in Tasmania. Donations to the Fund may be made at any time. Parishes affected by disasters may discuss funding with AHW’s Executive Officer.

Anglicare Grants

The Board of Anglicare Tasmania offers grants of up to $3,000 to parishes and agencies, for projects which accord with Anglicare’s aims.

Click here to view the guidelines
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Clarendon Children’s Home

Funds are available for programs which improve the welfare of children and their families, including research programs. Applications are received from across the community, irrespective of race or creed. Applications may be sent to the Secretary of the Board of Clarendon Children’s Home, c/o Wise, Lord and Ferguson, 160 Collins Street, Hobart. Clarendon is unable to give funds directly to Anglican parishes or agencies, but use Anglican Health & Welfare as a conduit. Projects must therefore also accord with AH&W’s objects and you should therefore discuss your application with AH&W’s Executive Officer in the first instance.

Diocesan Grants

Assessment-Exempt Projects

Appeals for major repairs or capital works on projects considered by the Diocesan Council as not reasonably able to be funded from General Parish resources may, on application to Diocesan Council, be given the status of Assessment-Exempt Appeals.

Applications should be addressed to the Secretary of Diocesan Council, GPO Box 748 Hobart 7001.

Professional Development Grants for Stipendiary Clergy

Please open this document for more information and an application form.

Shoobridge grants to retired clergy/clergy widows or widowers

This Fund was established by the Trustees of the Diocese of Tasmania as part of the Mary Cecily Shoobridge Estate from a property sale. The Estate’s purpose is to assist retired clergy and their spouses in the Diocese of Tasmania. There is an annual distribution. Enquiries should be directed to the Registrar, GPO Box 748 Hobart 7001.

Youth Ministry Grants

Individual parishes can apply for funding to assist with appointing a Youth Trainee.
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Links to Grant Authorities

Please note that applications for funding from external bodies require the approval of Diocesan Council and are to be sent to the Registrar who will seek the approval of Diocesan Council to forward them to the funding body.

Calvary Community Council Grants

Calvary Community Council Grants

Community Heritage Grants

Community Grants Support Levy Charitable Grants Program

Conservation Funding Program

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

Australian musicians are invited to apply for Australian Government funding.
Application forms and guidelines available at

Grants to Voluntary Environment and Heritage Organisations (GVEHO)

Rio Tinto Alcan Community Grants

Eligibility Criteria
Application Form

Tasmanian Community Fund