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Ministry and mission


Independent organisations under the aegis of the Anglican Church

Anglican schools

Committees of Synod and committees appointed by Diocesan Council


(not included elsewhere on this page)

  • Anglican Church Representatives
  • Anglican Development Fund
  • Audit Committee
  • Bishop’s Retirement and Election Committee
  • Diocesan Tribunal Panel
  • Diocesan Council
  • Diocesan Council Policy and Planning Committee
  • Diocesan Council Standing Committee
  • Diocesan Remuneration Commission
  • General Synod Diocesan Representatives Selection Panel
  • Ministry Issues Appeal Panel
  • Nomination Committees
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Registrar’s Finance Advisory Committee
  • Ministry Issues Appeal Panel
  • The Trustees of the Diocese of Tasmania

Anglican Church Representatives

  • Bible Society Committee
  • Christian Television Association
  • Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission Tasmania (Inc)
  • Tasmanian Council of Churches

General Synod Working Groups

  • Clergy Discipline Working Group

Other Anglican organisations in Tasmania

Contact us

Diocese of Tasmania
GPO Box 748

Phone: 03 6220 2020
Fax: 03 6223 8968

Please note that the main door to Church House is locked on Mondays, as there are no office staff in the Cathedral office that day. If you require access to the Registry on Mondays you can either call 6220 2020 in advance or on arrival and you will be let into the building. There is a sign on the door with the telephone number.

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