Family Ministry/ Evangelism

  • “Families Finding Faith” John Hattam, SU CPAS.
  • “Reaching Families” Paul Butler SU publication
  • “Just start talking: Introducing Jesus into your conversations.” Evangelism Ministries

Children’s resources

  • Join the Team. An SU resource for joining Jesus’ team.
  • "Light” SU
  • Focus on the Family Catalogue
  • Top 10 Stories Jesus Told
  • Top Ten stories about Peter
  • “Magnify” Biblezines Bible Society
  • Fantastic games for Children’s ministry (CEP)
  • Big Book of Bible Games/Really Big Book (Gospel Light)
  • Humungous book of games for Children’s ministry (Group)
  • The Game is UP- many volumes of OT & NT games (TnT
  • Blockbuster movie illustrations- 2 volumes (Group)


Parenting Courses

  • New Drug Proof Your Kids Course
  • Starting Points (focuses on parenting of little ones)
  • Toolbox Parenting Course (follow this link to a letter from those who have used the course)

Children’s Ministry

Partnering with Parents prayer card
Partnering with Parents paper
Partnering with Parents Workshop
Partnering with Parents Workshop ministers notes

Coaching and Consultancies

For children's, youth & families' ministry
Coaching and Consultancy are two new opportunities to maximise the ministry impact and effectiveness of parish staff and volunteers.

Coaching provides the opportunity for the parish to invest in their staff and/or leaders through inviting one of our experienced Diocesan practitioners to assist parish youth and/or children's ministry worker(s) identify and develop key strategies for personal and ministry growth; and to walk with them through the implementation process. The outcome for parishes will be: more intentional children's, youth and family ministry; and staff and volunteers who are confident and equipped to continue developing the ministry for the future.

Over a 12-month period, a Diocesan Children’s, Youth and Families’ worker will work closely with the parish youth and/or children’s ministry workers on one or two focus areas of learning and development relevant to their role.

The Coaching program includes:

  • Comprehensive review of the key development area(s)
  • Reading plan relevant to the key development area(s)
  • Development, supervision and review of the ministry plan for the key development area(s)
  • Meet with the Coach 10 times. The initial meeting would be face-to-face, with subsequent meetings being flexible (face-to-face, or via Zoom or Skype as arranged)

For more information, contact one of the Diocesan Children's, Youth & Families; Ministry Development Officer: James Oakley 6324 0039/ (North); or James Veltmeyer 6220 2020/0405 199 291/ (South).  To register an expression of interest, click here

The consultancy service is designed to provide an experienced, outside Diocesan facilitator to help parishes negotiate change or development in their children’s, youth or families ministries, including:

  • Starting something new
  • Closing down or re-configuring redundant programs
  • Transitioning to new forms of outreach
  • Negotiating new pathways (Engage-Evangelise-Establish-Equip)
  • Reviewing existing programs with a view to growth
  • Investing in ministry leadership teams.

The consultancy service will work alongside parish and ministry leadership as required in the following tasks:

  • Initial discussions with parish leadership (Rector / PIC, PC, ministry leaders)
  • Surveys and data collection amongst participants in the program
  • Analysis of data
  • Guided discussion on action steps arising out of review
  • Implementation support – ongoing guidance and accountability; troubleshooting.

For more information, contact one of the Diocesan Children's, Youth and Families' Ministry Development officers:  James Oakley (6324 0039/ (North) or James Veltmeyer 6220 2020/0405 199 291/ (South). To register an expression of interest, click here.


A partnership project of the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania and Scripture Union Tasmania ...

Kiddliwinks is a Christian network of leaders working with under 5s and their families.

Read the Kiddliwinks Information Manual (pdf 168KB)