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The Imagine Project: Shoot and Crop (20)

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From the Bishop

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Bishop John’s blog. Here are some recent posts...

  • Tasmazia in Top Ten Family Attractions!
  • Advance care planning: ‘A Good Death’
  • Medical killing & organ transplants?
  • Wearing or living national flags?
  • Malaysia: ‘Allah’ Bibles released
  • Village of Lower Crackpot
  • Mental illness & Euthanasia?

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The Bible

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This resource is provided to help guide, encourage and resource the preachers in our diocese, be they new or experienced. It’s new and evolving, so we recommend that you drop in from time to time.

A PRAYER FOR transformingLIFE

Transforming God,
as we meet together
fill us with your wisdom.
Give us the capacity
to work boldly
and with humility,
embracing the challenge of mission.

Use us to bring transforming life
to our Christian communities and
all Tasmanians

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Will the Imagine Project change your life?

CMS: This study is a gift

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While Andrew & Pam Lake visited over 24 parishes in the Diocese before heading to the posting in Damascus, Andrew had been busy on another project. He has released this short book called Christian Mission for Tasmanians. This is a very personal approach from Andrew on this important topic of Mission written for the Missionary Diocese of Tasmania. Andrew says of the book,

"My hope and prayer is that this study will help put mission front and centre of the church’s agenda. I make no claim to infallibility and will have achieved my aim if this has helped start some fruitful conversations about mission."

We offer our thanks to Andrew, having served in the Diocese as an Archdeacon and Mission Support Officer. But now we offer our thanks for this impressive gift to the church in Tasmania.

Of particular interest to you, dear reader, is the freely available nature of this book. In fact, you can click here to read it right now. So is it free? Andrew explains in his Forward:

"This study is a gift to the Tasmanian church. It is freely available on the diocesan website but I invite you when you use it for personal or group study to make a donation of $10 per person to the Church Missionary Society of Tasmania."

Archive of Home Page: 2011 March

'The Hutchins School' in the news...

Internet Web World Wide Web (small)
[wed 30.mar.2011 rob] 'The Hutchins School' was in the news today although only a small mention. Hutchins, along with "Diamond Valley College, in Melbourne’s north-east, was one of only two schools in Australia that made a submission to the federal inquiry into the role of the NBN."

It is great to see Tasmania’s Anglican Schools having a voice when it comes to the way technology impacts the education of our children.

You can read the article in The Age by clicking here.

Rob Bell: Redefining Christianity?

Internet Web World Wide Web (small)
[mon 28.mar.2011 rob] Last week Christian blogs were flooded by the same news. Yes, there was talk of Japan. Yes, there was talk of Libya. But the overwhelming conversation seemed to be about a new book by Rob Bell.

Bell’s new book, 'Love Wins' has just been released and the video below is an interview with him on MSNBC. Being interviewed on MSNBC is not surprising in itself, what is surprising is that Bell seems under pressure on the question of whether his beliefs are Christian or not. Rob Bell is the name behind the NOOMA video series.

You can view the YouTube video by clicking here.

On Luke Isham’s blog, 'Post-Apocalyptic Theology', Revd Isham engages with the concerns about Bell being a universalist. Revd Isham says,

'...the two most important questions, the first ... is about the ultimate nature of God and evil, 'is evil ultimately part of God', but I'll unpack that one more fully in a later blogpost! The second is asked by Martin Bashir, the host in the clip above; "does my response to Jesus in this life matter?" '

Click here to read Revd Luke Isham’s blog post.

Also, if you are thinking about the topic of universalism, here is some help from the Diocese’s Imagine Project website. Three sermons on 'Heaven, Hell and In Between'. From the website:

Where do we go when we die? Is heaven really the ultimate destiny of God’s people? What happens if you die before Jesus returns? In this series we look at heaven, hell and the intermediate state. This series followed on from our Credo series and continues the doctrinal sermon approach. The series has its foundations more in biblical theology than systematics.

Click here to go to the Imagine Project website to read more.

Review: The Lord’s Supper in Human Hands – Epilogue

Will Briggs 2011 (small)
[sat 26.mar.2011 rob] Revd Will Briggs has been busy on his blog recently. Of note, he has made a few points about a recent release regarding The Lord’s Supper called, "The Lord’s Supper in Human Hands – Epilogue".

Revd Briggs comments, "I was off-deck when the Appellate Tribunal brought its 2010 response to the Synod of Sydney’s resolution accepting legal argument for non-presbyteral administration. I wondered at the time what Sydney’s response would be. The synodical outcome is old news now. But now we have easy access to the booklet that outlines the basis for it."

Rev Briggs made a few points of comment in his blog post. You can find them by clicking here. If you are interested in further reading, the book is available online for free by clicking here.

The Bishop’s Long Service Leave lands in Crackpot

Bp John Harrower (cowboy hat)
[sun 20.mar.2011 rob] Bishop John and his lovely wife Gaylene are currently enjoying the benefit of Bishop John’s long service leave. John notes in his blog that they recently stepped into the "Village of Lower Crackpot".

Click here to read more of the Bishop’s adventure.

BCA Jazz & Blues Supper Club

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[sat 19.mar.2011 rob] St Thomas' Anglican Church Howrah is proud to present another Jazz and Blues Supper Club. Featuring Greg Jones, Ray Phillips and friends:

Saturday 26th March, 7:30pm
At St. Thomas' Howrah
3 Lorne Crescent, Howrah.

Admission by ticket: $15 per person (wine and cheese included). Purchase your tickets now from: Dennis Quinn, Helen Phillips or Ray Phillips. All proceeds to BCA.

Click here to download an advertising brochure.

Updates from the Diocesan Office

Tasmanian Anglican Seal
[sat 19.mar.2011 rob] New releases from the Diocesan office:
  • Click here to read a new From The Bishop’s Desk (FTBD 6/11).
  • Click here to view a new Administrative Circular (02/11 for March).

Of note in the Administrative Circular are pre-synod meetings:
South (Battery Point)
St George’s Battery Point
Tuesday 10 May, 7.30pm

North (Launceston)
St John’s Launceston
Thursday 12 May, 7pm

North-West (Burnie)
St George’s Burnie
Wednesday 11 May, 7pm

Media Release: Churches to hold service for Japan

Tasmanian Anglican Seal
[fri 18.mar.2011 rob] The Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals in Hobart are joining together this Sunday 20th March for a service of prayer for the people of Japan. The service will take place at:

St Mary’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Harrington Street, Hobart

Click here to read the media release.

All Age Service

James & Anita Veltmeyer
[mon 14.mar.2011 rob] On his blog last week, James Veltmeyer reflected on the recent "All Age Service" held at Bellerive Anglican Church. He also looks at the upcoming Sunday morning kids program for the coming term.

Click here to read James' blog post. (

Love in a cuddle

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[sat 12.mar.2011 rob] Click here to see this wonderful story that appeared in the Mercury this week.

"LITTLE Joey Ponsonby-Glover got a chocolate Easter bunny with a difference yesterday through the kindness of a Kingston breeder. Joey’s mother Anne Ponsonby saw an advert for rabbit adoption through a Cerebral Palsy Tasmania newsletter, and was put in touch with giant English rabbit breeder Gayelene Harrower."

Japan has been hit by an 8.9 magnitude quake

Easter Cross: South Arm, Tasmania
[fri 11.mar.2011 rob] Japan has been hit by an 8.9 magnitude quake. Please pray for Japan.

Updates to our Online Preaching Resources

The Bible
[thu 10.mar.2011 rob] David Roger-Smith has recently updated our Online Preaching Webpage.

  • Click here for Some Preaching Practicalities: Looks at the length of a sermon, eye contact and reading your hearer’s face.
  • Click here for A Sermon Evaluation Tool: Includes an evaluation form which can be handed out for people to give feedback on your sermon.

The Diocesan Online Preaching Resource is provided to help guide, encourage and resource the preachers in our diocese, be they new or experienced. As with many good resources of this type, it is evolving, so we recommend that you drop in from time to time. Click here for the main index page of the Diocesan Online Preaching Resource.

As always, our thanks to David for this very useful resource.

A Christian Theology of Change

Bishop John - church 1 (small)
[thu 10.mar.2011 rob] Bishop John has recently done some thinking on a Christian Theology of Change.

Click here to read more.

Holy Books for new Australians

Bishop John - church 1 (small)
[mon 07.mar.2011 rob] Bishop John reflects on the continuing drama of Holy Books being presented at Australian Citizenship ceremonies.

"Senator Guy Barnett of Tasmania continues to argue for the freedom to gift the Bible at Citizenship ceremonies..."

Click here to read more on Bishop John’s blog.


[fri 04.mar.2011 rob] We have received the following from Archbishop Aspinall and commend it to you:

Gracious God
whose love for us is greater even than death,
we pray for the people of Christchurch devastated by the earthquake:
comfort all who grieve for loved ones lost;
strengthen those who face the ruin of homes, memories and livelihoods;
encourage the police, defence force, search and rescue teams
and church workers and all who bring relief and assistance.
Give us compassionate and generous hearts towards all who are in need.
As they face their uncertainty and grief
may they know the assurance of your presence with them
and the hope of new life to come.
We ask this through Jesus Christ
who lives with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen

In addition to prayer support, I hope that we will respond generously to the New Zealand Bishops' Emergency Appeal organized by the Diocese of Wellington. Donations to the appeal can be made in the following ways:

By Cheque:
Please make cheques out to 'Bishops Appeal'
or 'Bishops CHCH Appeal'
Bishops' Emergency Appeal
Anglican Centre,
PO Box 12046,
Wellington 6144

By Internet Banking:
Name of Account: Anglican Diocese of Wellington
Bank and branch: ANZ Bank,
North End Branch, Wellington
Bank No: 01 0535 0089638-28

Further information and instructions for obtaining tax receipts can be found by clicking here.

Updates from the Diocesan Office

Tasmanian Anglican Seal
[fri 04.mar.2011 rob] The latest From The Bishop’s Desk was released today.

Click here to read From The Bishop’s Desk for March 4 (FTBD 5/11)

Say No to Euthanasia

[thu 03.mar.2011 rob] Paul Russell, founder and director of the national network HOPE: Preventing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, will speak in Hobart on

"Say No To Euthanasia"
Tuesday 8th March
The Church of Christ, 4-8 Goulburn Street, Hobart

Paul has campaigned against numerous euthanasia bills in his home state of south Australia over more than a decade. The HOPE network has been credited with making the essential difference in the defeat of SA’s most recent euthanasia bill in November last year. You are invited to come along and hear about the SA success and how HOPE can help concerned Tasmanians work to defeat any upcoming legislation. Visit the HOPE website at

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