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Diocesan Updates

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[fri 26.mar.10 rob] Here are our most recent releases from Church House:
  • Click here for the latest Administrative Circular from the Registrar’s office (March 2010).
  • Click here for the latest From The Bishop’s Desk (FTBD 07.10, 26/3/2010).
  • Click here for the latest Safe Church Communities newsletter (March 2010).

Vision 100

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[fri 26.mar.10 rob] Are you interested in church planting in Tasmania?

Vision 100 is a non-denominational organisation that equips, skills-up, supports and encourages church planting in Tasmania. Vision 100 has a goal to,

"To see at least 10% of Tasmanians

in gospel-centred churches".

A grand goal indeed! Vision 100 has a great website with some excellent videos. See Tasmania’s very own David Jones and Mikey Lynch as they talk about aspects of church life. Click here to have a look at the page of videos. (

Click here to contact Vision 100 for further information.

It’s encouraging-video-time again

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[fri 26.mar.10 rob] Yes! It’s that time again. Time for an encouraging video. This time from the American Bible Society, an interview with Christian musician Todd Agnew. From the video blurb, 'Even while Todd Agnew is busy, he realizes that for him to reach out to people, he needs to be actively reading the Bible'. Do we find ourselves drained and lifeless with all the church ministry we do? Todd encourages us to seek God, and see what he can do through his powerful word. Enjoy!

The new Diocesan Preaching Page

Bp John Harrower (cowboy hat)
[fri 26.mar.10 rob] Bishop John has been looking at our newly updated Diocesan preaching page and shared about it on his blog recently. This is what he had to say:
"I recommend you regularly check the Preaching page on our Diocesan website which provides a resource for the help and encouragement of those in our diocese who are entrusted with the important task of preaching and teaching the Bible.

Biblical teaching and preaching explores the question, what is biblical teaching and preaching?, and arrives at the conclusion that, Biblical preaching is a partnership between God and the preacher whereby God speaks by the proclamation of his Word about his Son through his Spirit for the salvation and edification of God’s people."

To read more of Bishop John’s blog, click here:

Ministry Burnout Syndrome

photo - Bishop John Harrower - head and shoulders
"Burnout is not a single condition but a syndrome which can include numerous elements, including depression, and is typically marked by emotional exhaustion, detachment and a sense of lack of achievement."

So Geoff Read writes in his booklet, Ministry Burnout, How can sincere, motivated clergy find themselves at this point?

[sat 20.mar.10 rob]During the week, Bishop John wrote about this booklet by Geoff Read on his blog, click here to read his post. The post is worth having a read, and will possibly lead you to grabbing a copy of Geoff Read’s booklet.

Sadly, many ministers suffer at the hand of burn-out. This booklet would be a good starting point. However, if you would like to do some further reading, there are some recent highly acclaimed books which have been released discussing these and other issues ministers face:

  • Bishop Peter Brain, Going the Distance (2004). How to stay fit for a lifetime of ministry.
  • Z.Veron, Leadership on the Front Foot (2009). I noticed even our very own Bishop Ross commends this book!

There are many other books around, but these are two which have benefitted me. As Bishop Peter says of his book,

"This is a book for anyone in Christian ministry, whether lay or odained,
and would be an ideal book for pastors to read with their lay leaders."

Has anyone read these books, or Geoff’s booklet? Would you be willing to post a review online and let us link to it?

May your ministry be long and bring glory to God!

"Come to me and I will give you rest"

[sat 20.mar.10 rob] When we live in a world as busy as ours, what did Jesus mean when he said, "Come to me and I will give you rest"?

My wife came home from the Women’s Conference this afternoon and said the speakers, especially the guest speaker Ali Street, were great. One of the speakers highly commended a book by Tim Chester, "The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness". I did a search on the internet, and found this video by Tim Chester talking about his book and why he wrote it. Now I think I want to read it.

Why not have a look at the video for yourself. It’s nice and personal and a wonderful introduction to his book. If it’s not a good book, I will be looking for someone else to answer the questions Tim raises. [insert smilie here]

For more information on Tim Chester, have a look at his website:

Diocesan Bequests

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[wed 17.mar.10 rob] There have recently been a number of commercials and advertisements about having a will or leaving a bequest; a good thing for people of all ages to consider. For those who might consider including their local church or the Anglican Diocese in their will, the Diocese has some assistance it can offer in such matters. One such place is this website. Titled 'Form of Words for Bequests' this document offers assistance to those seeking assistanc with wording for such a bequest. Click here to review or print the document.

Kenneth Samples: Christian Apologist

[wed 17.mar.10 rob] In just a couple of weeks Tasmania will play host to one of the world’s leading Christian Apologists: Kenneth Samples. Ken will be speaking at St David’s Cathedral in Hobart on Monday March 29th, giving two 30 minute lunch-time presentations on why Christianity is reasonable, logical and believable. He will be speaking that night at Wellspring Anglican Church in Sandy Bay. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday March 30th Ken will be speaking at Legana Christian Church’s new Education Centre. He will be giving a one day intensive training workshop for Christian leaders – The Logical Believer –where he will train you to think, and defend Christianity, logically and help those you lead to do the same.

A leaders’ dinner will be held on Wednesday 31st March at 7pm (INFLUENCERs Dinner) at the Tailrace Centre. Ken will speak to business, community, church, and government leaders on how Christianity makes a valuable contribution to the life of society.

For more information:
South events: contact the St David’s Cathedral office on 6234 4900, 10am -2pm, Tuesday to Friday. North events: contact Andrew Corbett on 6330 2885, during business hours Monday to Thursday.

Diocesan Updates

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[wed 17.mar.10 rob] A few updates from Church House for you reading pleasure:

  • The latest Administrative Circular from the Registrar’s office is now available for download: Click here for March 2010.
  • The latest release of From The Bishop’s Desk can be found here (FTBD 06.10).

World Media and the Christian View

Internet Web World Wide Web

[wed 17.mar.10 rob] An interesting insight into the media in an article by The Independent from the UK. This article is from an interview with Julie Etchingham who presents the news on the UK television’s ITV News at Ten. What may be different about Mrs Etchingham is that she is a Roman Catholic. From the article:

...She is also one of a handful of broadcasters who, as a Roman Catholic, is unembarrassed to discuss her faith. "Religion is an important part of my home life," she says, "If you have a faith, you are bound to be influenced by it. Would that ever show itself on air? I don't think so. The key place where my faith influences me is in how I hope to handle people." Although she believes religion "is not a work thing", she laments that ours is a "very secular" media, and that "Christians can be discriminated against", before carefully steering the conversation on to the joys of our multi-cultural age....

  • Click here for the Independent article
  • Click here for The Christian Institute article reflecting on the Independant article and interview. This article is different in that is mainly reflects on the topic of anti-Christian media bias.

Blessing of the Oils

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[wed 17.mar.10 rob] You are invited to THE BLESSING OF THE OILS & reaffirmation of ministry vows:

In the SOUTH at, St David’s Cathedral, Hobart.
Tuesday 30th March at 10:00 am
Morning tea will be served afterwards
RSVP to Colleen Davidson (for catering purposes)

In the NORTH at, St Peter’s Church, St Leonards
Thursday 1st April at 10:00 am
Morning Tea will be served afterwards
RSVP to Irfon Griffiths (for catering purposes)

Diocesan Preaching Web Page - Update now complete!

The Bible

[wed 10.mar.10 rob] Earlier today our entire preaching webpage was updated. If you have been keeping an eye on these pages in 2010 you will notice that all pages have been refreshed this year, witht he final pages being loaded onto the website today. These pages are a worthy read for anyone who preaches and particularly for those still learning the craft (do we ever stop learning?) and those who would like to offer those they are training a resource. It is a treasure-trove of ideas.

Our thanks to David Roger-Smith for the wealth of knowledge he has brought to our Diocese through this resource. May his Parish of Riverlinks continue to be blessed by his ministry as we have.

We can all access this Diocesan resource. The easiest link is found on the right-hand-side of this home page.
Alternatively, you can click on this link: Diocesan Preaching Page... you might like to bookmark it once you have it!

Lent: Acappella - Criminal On The Cross

[fri 05.mar.10 rob] Are you thinking about Easter? Are you thinking about what God has done for you? Are you thinking about how GRACIOUS his gift to you was in sending Jesus? Would you like to be reminded of God’s grace? This video is by a group called 'Acappella'. The video captures a little of how privileged we are to be bearers of the precious gift of forgiveness that our saviour Jesus Christ offers to anyone who would receive it.

If you find this encouraging, and would like to be introduced to Jesus, why not read the eyewitness account of Jesus for yourself in the Gospel of Mark? Click here to read it now.

The best of last month

The best of last month

The best of last month

The best of last month

Collision! The Movie


[tue 23.feb.10 rob] On the 13th March, St George’s Anglican Church in Battery Point will be holding the first public screening of Collision, an American documentary about a series of debates between commentator Christopher Hitchens and pastor Douglas Wilson.

Saturday 13th March at 2pm and 7:30pm
St George’s Anglican Church in Battery Point
with light refreshments afterwards.

The screenings are held in partnership with the University Fellowship of Christians and made possible by a Vision100 grant. The film offers a fantastic evangelistic opportunity, where Christianity and Atheism are clearly and passionately debated in a balanced and entertaining format. The timing of this screening is also provocative, weeks before Easter and the middle of a global Atheism convention being held this March in Melbourne.

For more information about the film itself check out the Collision website, to find out about pastor Doug Wilson, check out his blog and for Christopher Hitchens check out some of his recent books.

St George’s have bought a license to screen the film publicly, which comes with free use of promotional images, so feel free to use the above image in any way to publicize the event.

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